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Roy Wiggins



Python, C, C#, SQL, JavaScript, Rust, Bash, Forth, Lisp, GLSL, MATLAB, LaTeX, Regular Expressions

Frameworks & Platforms

Flask, jQuery, Underscore, React, Git, Subversion

Linux, Windows, Raspberry Pi, Arduino, iOS, Android


BA in Mathematics from Carleton College, Class of 2013. GPA 3.612.


Software Developer, Epic Systems, 2013-2015

On the MyChart team, working on Epic’s patient portal system. Languages and frameworks: MUMPS (Intersystems Caché), Epic Chronicles, Visual Basic 6.0, ASP.NET MVC, iOS, Android, HTML and Javascript.

Eye Tracking for Social Science Research, 2012

Worked with an Academic Technologist in Carleton’s Information Technology Services department to build software and hardware for tracking eye movement across a video. Produced a working set of tools built from largely Open Source software to facilitate collection and visualization of a subject’s gaze. It was initially designed to collect data about how people watch political advertisements; wrote comprehensive documentation with some further information on how to extend its functionality for future projects.

Developer & Maintainer, LikeACarl.com, 2012-present

A replacement for LikeALittle.com, a social website which had caught on at Carleton College. Developed using Twitter Bootstrap, Flask (a Python web framework), and jQuery; deployed to a free Heroku instance. A site for publishing moderated, friendly messages to the campus student body.

Social Science Data Cleanup, August – November 2010.

As research assistant, programmatically transformed poorly structured survey data from hundreds of Word documents into one spreadsheet.

Carleton College Student Computing Information Center, 2009-2013

Campus help desk position answering computer questions from students, staff and faculty. Other responsibilities included lab maintenance, re-imaging computers and testing network connectivity. Worked full-time over consecutive Spring breaks in 2011 and 2012; in charge of the small LabRAT team which organizes ongoing lab maintenance.

Interactive MRI Coil Designer, summers 2008 & 2009

New York University Langone Medical Center– A MATLAB GUI to aid design and simulation of irregular MRI coil configurations. Existing tools could visualize and simulate simple configurations (flat arrangements) but provided no interactive control over coil placement.

### Relevant Studies

Computer Science: Data Structures; Evolutionary Computation and Artificial Life; Automata and Computability; Programming Languages; Computer Organization and Architecture; Database Systems

Mathematics: Calculus BC, Multivariable Calculus; Linear Algebra; Mathematical Structures; Geometries; Differential Forms and Vector Calculus;

Other: Writing Science (a course on writing in the sciences); How to Build a Mind (an introduction to Cognitive Science);